Angel Baby Keepsakes

People grieve in so many different ways. I have found that just having a memorial item in or around my house has been helpful to me. In spite of the heartache, when I look at some of my memorial items, I am reminded of the love that is still around me. I was gifted several items in the midst of the loss of Mackenzie and my other miscarriages. The people that provided me with these keepsakes are still very near and dear to my heart today.


October Baby Loss Awareness Month

Because of my seven pregnancy losses, the observance of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month is important to me.

During this month, families recognize the loss of their angel babies during pregnancy, at birth or the early stages of infancy. October 15 is considered PAIL AWARENESS DAY. And, families are encouraged to light a candle in memory of their angel babies at 7pm.