So, I didn’t know that there was such a thing until I drove by my local State Farm Office. But, there it was stating that September is Life Insurance Awareness Month.

Trust me, this is a rough subject. But, I’m truly glad that my mother had a conversation with me. Sometimes my mother would be in a financial struggle, but she would always make sure that her insurance plans were paid.

You don’t want to chance that a funeral home doesn’t have a payment plan. In some cases, you will not receive any services unless you have a significant portion of the payment upfront or a copy of the insurance policy.


As soon as I had baby girl, I went and signed up for life insurance. I pay less than $12/month. But, you should take advantage of pricing now. The younger and healthier you are, the more likely, your monthly payment will be lower. And, now is the time because you can lock in rates.

My mother’s policy was enough to cover her funeral expenses. And, I wanted to make sure that my daughter and husband had enough to at least do the same.


It’s not easy. I must admit. When I found the conversation to be the easiest was when we may have recently attended a funeral.

And, remember to save your children the agony. If they are old and mature enough, let them know where your important papers are. And, tell them several times. If your kids were anything like me, they will black out most of the time, you try to talk to them about life insurance.


If having a conversation is out of the question, my suggestion to you is to start saving. If you google average funeral costs, you will see prices ranging from $7,000-$10,000. I’m going to be honest with you at the time of my mother’s death, that type of money was out of the question. Thank God, my mother chose to be proactive. I would have been devastated and distraught, if we could not have had the type of memorial service that she deserved.

And as a result, I have begun working on being a better saver.

Please be prepared that you can still need some cash for expenses that will come before an insurance payout. This could include grooming and attire, transportation, gas, etc.

Please consider looking into life insurance today. Most jobs do have some form of life insurance, but you could go to any insurance office and inquire about it. Let’s leave a legacy for our children and not burdens.

Stay Saved,


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