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I think that is amazing how we can digest the Word of God from our mobile phones to the world of Bible journaling. And yet, another creative way is to use coloring sheets.

Your favorite verses can come to life with scripture coloring pages. In this blog post, you will find inspiration to use coloring sheets to get into God’s word or even create your own Christian coloring sheets. Plus, you can go here to download some free coloring pages.


If you are trying to find ways to grow your faith, I believe bible study is such an essential piece to that growth. But, there are times, you may need to change it up or maybe you are falling asleep at the end of Leviticus (no judgement).

A coloring page may be thing you need to liven up or enhance your bible study. A good Christian coloring page will utilize scripture verses, so it will not just be focused on coloring. And, there are plenty of free bible verse coloring pages out there including the one’s in my library.



  • Family Time

    I am not going to lie. I probably enjoy coloring more than my little one. But after a stressful day, you could use free bible coloring pages for some great family time. This can be a fun way to engage your kids in bible stories as well. My free printable coloring pages could also be great for older kids to do own their own.

  • Quiet Time

    Christian adult coloring pages can also serve you well in your quiet time with God. It can be a really great Bible study tool. If you are into journaling in your Bible, you might actually using a coloring page as a tracing tool for your Bible. So, turn on your favorite worship music and have a great time.

  • Waiting Rooms

    Whether it’s the doctor’s office or the lobby of a tire shop, you could be spending tons of hours waiting. I have often used a few minutes of waiting as Bible study time. Instead of scrolling through your mobile phone, a great way to use that time is to color words of God. Carry a few sheets and coloring utensils in your backpack or car. And, you will never be bored.

  • Sunday School Class

    Whether online or in-person, how about having your Sunday School class or small group engage into bible study a different way? Let your class know that you have some printable bible verses. Color away and just watch conversations, creativity and laughter happen.


 You are always welcomed to pick up a free printable Christian coloring pages in my Subscriber’s Library, but I did want to add a few resources that may be worth considering. I am always an advocate of going offline sometimes to engage in God’s Word.

Coloring Bible

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 I do not currently have this resource, but I have seen a few reviews and blog posts about the NIV Beautiful Word Coloring Bible. So, this may be a great investment, if you are looking to create some beautiful coloring pages with scripture quotes.

 Bible Verse Coloring Book

A bound Christian coloring book may also be something to pick up. You can go on Amazon and do a quick Google search for a bound book.

Create Your Own Artworks

 I mentioned earlier that you might even consider creating your own Bible verse coloring book, especially if you want more pages with your favorite Bible verses. There are tools like Canva, that you could use to design unique coloring pages. And, they have plenty of fantastic bible-related images. If you are short on time or this is not your thing, there is nothing wrong with picking up my free downloads.


I have found coloring to be a relaxing activity as an adult. And, it is a wonderful way to incorporate some time with Gods word.

So, what are you waiting for?

I have a few single page scripture quotes available for download. You will also find a printable adult coloring book that includes a collection of 10 inspirational bible verses. You choose what free printables will work for you. I know whatever you use a lovely picture will develop.

Peace & Blessings,



P.S. If you are looking to enhance your Bible study, you should take a look at the Benefits of Bible Study post. I provide several examples on studying God’s Word. Or, take a look at “Why Study the Bible More”, where I share my seven reasons why I chose to level up my Bible study.

Christian Coloring Pages for Adults

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