I cannot tell you how many Bible verses that I highlighted in my journey to read the Bible in a year. I never officially told my blog friends that I completed my goal. So, I wanted to let you know that I completed reading the entire Bible in March of this year!

But there was absolutely one verse that I adored and has claimed the title of my favorite Bible verse.

I got a chance to write about my favorite verse with Outwit Trade. But, I wanted to expound on it some more. So, what is it?

Ephesians 3:18

And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is. (New Living Translation)

How Deep and Wide is God’s Love?

When I think about this verse it truly brings peace to my soul. All the chaos around me has to calm and for moments in time, trouble seems to cease. This verse is so special to me, because it reminds me that I can be reached when I feel that I am unlovable. This scripture lets me know how massive God’s love is. I honestly hate to fail or make mistakes, but Ephesians 3:18 lets me know that God’s love is greater than my failures and hang-ups.

Satan loves to attack our minds and negative thoughts can soon enter. You may believe that you have reached a point of no return. But this verse is here to remind you that God can reach the lowest points and darkest places.

Although the depth of the Father’s love may be referring the physical sense in Ephesians 3:18, the depth must be applied to the complexity and eternity of His affection. God’s love is just as complex as our lives. We simply do not have the capacity to understand His love for us.

We are so used to conditional love. Many have not experienced a lasting love outside of a parent or spouse. And, I have seen in my own life, how hurt has affected me in relationships with others, who attempt to extend true friendship and love towards me. But, this scripture indicates that His love has some sustenance to it. It began before we were even in our mother’s womb and lasts throughout eternity. You may have seen this shirt with the words “God is Dope.” And, that is all the way correct. The depth of God and His love is truly dope!

How Long and High is the Love of God


Ephesians 3:18 keeps me in awe because it also includes length and height. This scripture clearly leaves no space where you cannot find His Love. So, we just asked “how deep and wide is God’s love?”, now we must stand in awe of how long and high the love of God is.

We simply cannot escape the presence of God. We cannot stretch our way out of the Father’s love. We cannot outrun it. That is truly amazing.

I read a commentary recently, that explained, we don’t understand the lengths God will go to showcase His love for us. And, doesn’t God put us in situations that shows the literal and metaphorical lengths that He would go for us. We may have or hear of faith testimonies that are nothing short of miraculous.

Length can also be defined to determine the duration of an event or how long something will take. For me, this scripture reminds me that there is not a point in our lives that God stops loving us.

The height of the world’s tallest building doesn’t even compare to it. But I also think about the height of someone’s career when reading Ephesians 3:18. We may believe that the height of a career or a personal milestone is the pinnacle of our lives. But this scripture lets me know His love is worth more and greater than any professional or personal elevation. Spiritual growth is what I constantly want to attain. I don’t think that I can love God enough or outgrow Him. We are able to keep moving up the spiritual ladder, if we choose to do so.

The Power to Understand

This is probably the best part of it all. Because this section of the verse indicates that I have not begun to fathom or even grasp the Father’s love for me. Yes, we often say that God loves us inspite of. But, I know that my understanding is only at a minimum.

I believe Ephesians 3:18 shows us that we would not dishonor God, if we understood more about His love. We also wouldn’t be down on ourselves, if we knew how much God loved us. We wouldn’t let the world dictate how we lived or felt. The more we understand His love, the more we are able to live a live that is pleasing unto Him. I am praying today that I begin to move closer to understanding.

How Deep and Wide is God’s Love?: It is Immeasurable

His Love is immeasurable. I just can’t get enough of Ephesians 3:18. I have the same feeling every time I read or come across it. I hope it is a verse on God’s love that you will also keep near and dear to your heart.

Peace, Blessings and Much Love,


So, what is the verse saying to you? And, let me know what’s your favorite scripture and why.

How Deep and Wide is God’s Love


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