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Last month, I shared about my current favorite Bible verse. I fell in love with Ephesians 3:18 during my time of trying to complete the Bible in a year. And, I am so glad that I decided to commit more time to Bible study. Before my intense bible reading/study year, I would delve into the Word of God intensely in spurts and certain seasons of my life. I really enjoyed studies from Love God Greatly and If: Bible Study or even bible study challenges through YouVersion and my church.

But, my appetite for the Word of God truly increased, when I took the time to read the Bible in a year and became more consistent with bible study. Most days, I would read or study daily, but there were some weeks that I would read 3-4 times per week. Yet, I didn’t give up and I read through the entire Bible in a little over a year!

Now, my goal is to go through one chapter at a time and to engage into more verse mapping to get into the Word of God. But, I daily try to study God’s Word, even if it is just five minutes of my day.

Benefits of Bible Study: Here are Six!

There are varying levels that you can approach bible study, but whether you are a new believer or a lifelong Christian, I believe that there are benefits of bible study for all. If you have been contemplating if Bible study is right for you, you have stopped by the right place! Here are six benefits of bible study that you should consider as you prepare to crack open (or swipe) the Good Book.

You Will Crave It More

Can I tell you that even after reading the Bible in a little over a year that I am not a Bible scholar? I still have goals of memorizing scripture and even diving deeper into scripture that I really found intriguing.


But, what I can tell you that I absolutely crave God’s Word more. I have the desire to study, memorize and go deeper with Scripture. What is truly amazing is that I actually can feel when I have not spent enough quality time in His Word. And, let me tell you I never thought I would ever be at this point.

When you have consistency or a routine, you can begin to feel out of whack if you start deviating from it. Personal bible study is no different. By carving out a specific time for Bible study, it will become a routine that you will not want to leave out of your day. I have found my favorite time to study is first thing in the morning, when everyone is still sleeping.

You may first want to start out with a simple goal. Something that you know is doable for you. Once you achieve the goal, challenge yourself to do more. I love Youversion’s stories in their Bible app. It takes only 3-5 minutes to get through. You can also check out the First 5 mobile app by Proverbs 31 ministries. It is focused on dedicating the first five minutes of your day to Bible Study.

Become More Spiritually Confident

When I decided to get more serious about my Bible study time, I had been through a series of valleys in my life. And, I was frustrated and just tired of the bouts that I was constantly having between faith and doubt. But, I knew the importance of the word of god in the life of a believer and felt that bible study was key for me to overcome some spiritual battles.

A consistent Bible study routine can help you become more spiritually confident. I can see growth in a number of areas in my life. I am combating more things with the Word of God. And, I more comfortably can exhort and encourage other women with biblical reference and conviction.

Gain Clarity

I know that you can receive some amazing revelations just by hearing the word of God. However, you will not reap the benefits of studying the word of God by just relying on someone else’s word. Personal study can be so life-changing. God may reveal something more or different for you in your own personal Bible study. I have also found that verses have been misquoted or misinterpreted by others. Although those mishaps can be unintentional, a consistent bible study can help you gain clarity. Even I have had moments, where I did not decipher a scripture correctly the first time (Ask me later by a passage of scripture that I had wrong for years). And, it wasn’t until I further read and studied that I gained clarity.

Confirm Your Alignment with God’s Will

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The ability to confirm your alignment with God’s will through His Word is another bible study benefit .Have you heard this acronym?

  • B – Believers’

  • I – Instructions

  • B- Before

  • L – Leaving

  • E – Earth

You may desire to know if you are living the way that God intends. And, the Bible should be your primary source to determine this.

I am convicted often when I get a better understanding of a particular scripture. When I realize that I may not be falling in line with what God would have me to do, I start praying and working to correct some attitudes and behaviors in my life. I have had to work on everything from love to forgiveness to my attitude after a Bible study. But, I am better for it.

Quality Time Alone With God

As I mentioned before, my favorite time to study is in the wee hours of the morning. It is such a peaceful time and a time where I feel that I can really hear from God or better understand what He is trying to teach me. When you choose to have a special time studying the Word of God, you will find it to be valuable and sacred.

Great Way to Hang With Friends

I love to have a good conversation. And, I love to dive deep in conversation about God with friends. It is a good time to gain another perspective from others. And, just another great way to hang out. Grab you best buds for a virtual study. You might just learn something new about God and your friends.

Bible study is a great way to get us prepared for life’s battles. Grab the “Ready for battle” t=shirt from the shop and let’s get ready to fight with the word of god.

Bible study is a great way to get us prepared for life’s battles. Grab the “Ready for battle” t=shirt from the shop and let’s get ready to fight with the word of god.

God’s Will for Us

There are several scriptures that tells us that God desires for us to be a student of His word and how it can be a blessing to us. We should be studying the Word of God. Here are a few to check out:

Benefits of Bible Study Are Waiting On You


So, why do you study the Bible?. Or, what are some of the reasons that you are considering it? I came up with seven reasons why I started to dedicate myself to Bible study. Over the course of time, I have begun to meet goals in those areas. But, I am excited because I know there is still more for me to grow and learn. And, I want the same for you.

If you are about to commit to reading God’s Word, I have a few tools to get you started including 30 day Bible reading plans and bible reading tracker.

I love to highlight the accomplishment of goals, so I created this Bible reading tracker. Download this free printable and color in all the books that you complete.

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Benefits of Bible Study


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