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How to Find Beauty in Brokenness

And, there is where lies the beauty in brokenness. Because our brokenness, just like the broken crayon can still be used. In fact, God uses brokenness for His Glory. It may not feel or seem like it right now, but I pray that one day you will see.

God uses brokenness to show that in our weakness, we must rely on his strength. The beauty in brokenness is a testament to our faith and demonstration to believers and unbelievers alike.

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Do Not Worry About Tomorrow, Part 2

I thought I would add more to the subject of Worry. In October, I talked about Matthew 6:24-34 in Do Not Worry About Tomorrow, Part 1. And, the three initial lessons I learned about worrying, which were:

  1. Worrying Wastes Time

  2. We Have to Differentiate Ourselves From Unbelievers.

  3. God Knows Our Needs.

So, God tends to show me when I haven’t conquered something. Or better yet, he allows me to get tested even more to overcome negative or sinful things in my life. Does that ever happen to you?

Like I told you before, we are all going to worry sometimes. And, I am learning day by day to try and overcome it. So, I felt the need to slow down and to even go a little further with Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 6:24-34.