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Tips For Your Adult Sunday School Lesson or Bible Study

Sunday School is a little bit different now. Churches today may have an adult Sunday school class listed under “small groups” or bibles study group. Today’s Sunday school class may not even meet on Sunday. And, “Sunday School” can be entirely online now. And, that is okay too.

The important thing is that you are getting that time studying the Word of God, reflecting on it and understanding how to apply it to everyday life.


How to Read the Bible in a Year

I honestly would recommend reading the bible in a year to anyone. It re-affirmed some things for me, and I definitely opened my eyes on some behaviors that I needed to correct. There are several benefits of reading the Word of God. But, I believe that a better appetite for the Word of God was created in me as a result of reading the Bible in a year.

So, I wanted to share with you 11 tips on how to read the bible in a year. These are suggestions that I found helpful along the way.