There are a few things that I struggle with that are really not that tangible. Worry and Fear are definitely a top of that list. They may be intangible words, but they can cause some real-life effects.

I know firsthand worry can consume you, make you tired and stress you out. I would like to think the gray hairs that I have are due to wisdom, but I believe the extra on the right side came from worrying lol.

So, I am trying to combat worrying a little more and the book of Matthew, Chapter 6 verses 24-30 came to mind.

Here is what I first gathered from this chapter :


In verse 27, Jesus asked essentially ‘what can worrying do for you?’ I know that it can’t add a single moment to my life. But, boy do we (or at least me) spend hours at a time wrapped up in worry. Yes, worrying subtracts from us. And, in some cases, it can physically subtract from our lives. Show of virtual hands for all of us that have lost or gained weight due to worrying ✋✋.I am learning that I have to CHOOSE peace.  CHOOSE meaning  I have to put in some effort and tell Worry that I can’t get with him today.


I don’t believe that God meant verse 32 as a compliment to the Christian. That is one of those verses, you got to say


on. I am always convicted when I have not conducted myself in a Godly way around someone with no or shaky faith. I don’t want to give anyone a reason to not trust God. The word


stuck out to me in this verse as well. Strong word, right?

I feel that as believers, we should know that we can cast our cares and worries to God. It doesn’t mean that we will not worry sometimes. However, it does mean that we have someone to give it to. And,  we ultimately should turn it to God, but I am also thankful for all the prayer warriors on earth. When we have worrisome thoughts consume us, we should also have people in place that can cover us.


Again, in verse 32,  we see that Jesus says, he already knows our needs. So, I guess I really need to start my prayers with “God,  you already know I am worried about this situation.” The insight I gained from the verse is that we must recognize what our needs are versus our desires. Currently, I am a stay at home mother, and the decision to stay at home wasn’t easy. Yes, I still struggle with it from time to time. I struggled because we are not rich by any means. I worried about bills, my career and a few other things.

But, my family has been provided for during these last three months.  I have everything I need. House, Car, Family, Food. I have all of these things. Now, do I think that I should be eating steak and lobster everyday? Yes. Would I love to have more money in my bank account? Of course. But, my needs are met.

Just pause for a few seconds. Do you have everything you need? Really think about it. I bet you do, but you might hear “worry” shouting in the background, ” but, but, but.” It’s hard, when we are faced with images that subconsciously tells us what we should have. However, you can think more clearly when you take time to get in a quiet place to reflect.

 . My prayer today is that I learned to be content with the things that I have. Lord, I want to desire those things that will give me peace.

Y’all pray for me, as I attempt to trust God more, worry less and stop trying to help Him.

Stay Saved,



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