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Do Not Worry About Tomorrow, Part 2

I thought I would add more to the subject of Worry. In October, I talked about Matthew 6:24-34 in Do Not Worry About Tomorrow, Part 1. And, the three initial lessons I learned about worrying, which were:

  1. Worrying Wastes Time

  2. We Have to Differentiate Ourselves From Unbelievers.

  3. God Knows Our Needs.

So, God tends to show me when I haven’t conquered something. Or better yet, he allows me to get tested even more to overcome negative or sinful things in my life. Does that ever happen to you?

Like I told you before, we are all going to worry sometimes. And, I am learning day by day to try and overcome it. So, I felt the need to slow down and to even go a little further with Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 6:24-34.