I am a bit of a perfectionist. I usually want things to be juussttt right, before I present an idea to anyone.

In college, I had been working on our sorority’s chapter website. I was enthused about it, but every little detail had to be correct. I had been working on that thing for a whole semester. Finally, my linesister was at my apartment. And, finally hit the published button. Thank God! I probably would have never done it.

So, here I am again. Desperately wanting to be a prolific or rather an inspirational blogger and it has been over a year since I made a post.

But, it’s now or never.

We watch a lot of wrestling in this house (don’t judge, okay). And, all I can think about is John Cena’s theme song and that hook in the chorus “The Time is Now”.

 I’m trying to push this time. I can’t tell you how many days in a week, I think about writing something and scheduling it to publish. But I decide to put other things first or just sit on the couch.

I am a dreamer by nature. But, I am working on making my dreams a reality. I recently heard on one of the podcasts that anything is possible, but we have to be willing to work hard for it. Quite honestly, I haven’t wanted to lose sleep to write a blog post. I have not always gone the extra mile. And, I simply have not made writing my priority. (But, I could use some help on prioritizing properly.)

And, buried deep I believe there is some fear. I can’t exactly pinpoint what the fear is. However, I know I need to overcome it.

So, I hope you will help hold me accountable. Chime in, if you haven’t seen me write a post in a month or two.

So, what are your dreams? Is there something that you won’t release because it’s not perfect yet? Or, can you be honest with yourself and admit that maybe your drive or hustle was not really there? What fears are in your way?

I can’t wait to hear from you.

Stay Saved,


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  1. Hey sis! I’m your accountability buddy reporting for duty,lol. 😬

    I can relate to this post completely. My new job is an absolute deviation from my norm aka a life of perfectionism. One of our core values at my job is “Get to yes or no quickly”. This means that we allow ourselves to make mistakes. And if we do, we are forgiving of ourselves in the process, but most importantly we walk away from that experience with lessons learned on how to improve moving forward. At the same time, it also means that we allow ourselves to excel. As should you…

    So in this case, I charge you to stop “saving” Shannon and share her with the world. You have touched and continue to touch so many lives. God equips us with so many gifts and writing is just one of yours. I also believe, you are channeling your inner Ms.Nita. She is living through you and reminding you that she will always be with you. My mom told me how wonderful of a writer she was, so this gift of yours only makes sense to me. It is one you inherited. This is your platform to minister, touch, heal and grow. You can do it. You are already perfect; after all, you were created in God’s image. Now, exercise this gift He has blessed you with and share it with the world!

    Again, as you aspire to work on “Saving Shannon” I also encouraged you to get comfortable with “Sharing Shannon”. Love you!

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