Support Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness

Grab this tee in memory of your angel baby.

This month, I am supporting National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month with posts every Tuesday. For about a year, I have wrote a guest post for Share, a non-profit that is dedicated to supporting grieving family members, who have suffered a pregnancy and infant loss.

Earlier this year, I shared some of the most precious items that remind me of Mackenzie. I am still not able to really verbalize out loud, how her death impacted me. But, I have kept some items to help me to remember the child that I wish I could have held on to.

People grieve in so many different ways. I have found that just having a memorial item in or around my house has been helpful to me. In spite of the heartache, when I look at some of my memorial items, I am reminded of the love that is still around me. I was gifted several items in the midst of the loss of Mackenzie and my other miscarriages. The people that provided me with these keepsakes are still very near and dear to my heart today.

So, take a look at my article about angel baby keepsakes. Let me know if you have any memorial items that reminds you of the love of others.

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