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Angel Baby Keepsakes

People grieve in so many different ways. I have found that just having a memorial item in or around my house has been helpful to me. In spite of the heartache, when I look at some of my memorial items, I am reminded of the love that is still around me. I was gifted several items in the midst of the loss of Mackenzie and my other miscarriages. The people that provided me with these keepsakes are still very near and dear to my heart today.


National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day

I imagine if you have ever heard about national pregnancy and infant loss awareness day, you or someone you know has experienced pregnancy or infant loss. Let me first say I am truly sorry that these circumstances have occurred in your life. I personally have went through the heartache of seven pregnancy losses including my 21-week loss of my daughter Mackenzie. It can be draining emotionally and physically. And, often there are no words or actions to console the pain of loss. 


What Not to Say to A Miscarriage Survivor

First, we must say congratulations to Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade for welcoming a baby girl into this world!

How awesome of her to share her blessing with the world. You may have been like me and didn’t know they were expecting. And, I totally get that. Oftentimes, you are scared to share the news of an impending birth once you have had multiple losses. You are just trying to make it to the finish line.