Does anybody else just think of the Clark sisters, when you see this title?

I just wanted to give you a quick tidbit about Unclaimed Property, and how you could be missing out on your money, that is legally yours. I am going to focus on my state of Tennessee, but you may find that many states have a similar program.

I am so surprised that many people believe that the Unclaimed Property site is not for real, despite the Tennessee Department of Treasury on the official Tennessee government website and news sources such as Channel 2 News (ABC) in Nashville.

You will need to go to I know we live in a crazy world with scammers so make sure you use the site mentioned or search for it directly from the official State of Tennessee Website.


From there, all you have to do is put in your last name and start to search. You will have to verify that you are the recipient of the money. The process was simple for us and Marcus received a check for ……


Hey, it was something that we were not expecting lol. But, some of you out there may have more than $20. And, if you are one of the lucky payees, you may even see on the website that you are owed over $250!!!!💰💰💰💰💰. Who couldn’t use an extra $250?

If you do find some money that belongs to you, please be aware that you will be asked for your driver’s license number and social security number. Again, Marcus and I did go through this process, and it was legit. I have heard some people say that the process can take weeks. However, it only was a couple of weeks for us.

So, let me know if you were successful. If you have moved in the past few years or had a name change, I would highly suggest looking into this site. And, share this info. I started thinking about every family member and friend that I could think of and started searching. So, I was so happy to make some phone calls to let them know they had money to claim.

Do you have other money finding tips or resources? Have you claimed property before with this site. Be sure to let me know.

Stay Saved,


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