We are in June and I am finally getting around to my goals. We have been taking care of some things around the house and organized a big gospel concert. So, my priorities changed a little.

Nevertheless, I wanted to make sure I filled you in on my goals. My desire is to encourage women of my generation to not give up on their goals. Not only that I want to show you that this girl does not have it all together.

So, the funny thing is that I had already begun this goal update. But, magically most of my draft disappeared. Go figure. So, here I am re-writing it.

Bible in a Year Catch-up

I am still going strong with this goal. I decided that I would catch up on my Old Testament side of reading. I still have the New Testament. Be sure you take a look at some of my reasons to get through the Bible in a year.

Can I be honest with you? Sometimes, I honestly end up with more questions after I read certain passages in the Bible. Does that ever happen to you? The frustrating thing to me is that I currently don’t have the time to investigate things like I want to. My main focus is just to read the Bible cover to cover. I still take notes on the New Testament when time permits. However, even my notes are still abbreviated.

Would I still recommend someone to read the Bible in a year or less? Yes!! I am definitely appreciative when I hear things in a sermon that I just read about. And, there are even some days where I do feel the Holy Spirit confirming things in my life.

$600 To Debt

Yes, so let’s check that off the list. This really makes me so happy. My overall goal for my finances is to be debt-free in 5 years. So, I am thankful for any steps that we are taking towards financial freedom. We actually surpassed this goal. What is even more amazing and mind-blowing is that we did all of this in the midst of my husband losing his job. Yep, that’s right. We found out in early April, that my husband would be let go from his job. Now, y’all already know that your girl already has control issues. And, matter of fact, I wrote about my battles with worry in the fall. And, at that time, I was particularly worried about our finances as a one-income household.

But surprisingly, I have not been the least bit worried about what our future is going to look like. I am thankful for the peace that I have right now. And, I hope y’all continue to lift me up in prayer.

Outline of Book

No, this didn’t happen in April (or May). But, as I am writing this post. I decided to go ahead and write everything down. As I mentioned last month, I am trying to not put too many irons in the fire. Hubby and baby have totally been keeping me busy these past two months, but I am just trying to enjoy it all. When the time is right and available, I believe a book about my pregnancy journey will come forth.

15 Days of 64 ounces of water

Can we just skip over this? Because this goal was a super fail. I mean I don’t think I had one day of a gallon of water. Now, I did well with managing at least one bottle of day thanks to my Crystal Light. Other than that, I pretty much kicked that goal to the curb.

May and June Goals

Let’s just say in May, I didn’t focus on any goals. The last two months I didn’t complete all of my goals, but it is important to understand that my monthly goals are just mini-goals. Basically, I have yearlong goals that I am trying to complete, so if I do have a couple of bad months, I am allowing myself to go back to the drawing board. And, yes it is important to re-tweak your goals. Life happens to all of us, but it doesn’t have to derail us. I still go back to my Let’s Goal Worksheet, because it also helps me keep things in perspective.

But, I want all wins in June. I am hoping by re-adjusting my goals, that I can crush them and really get the ball rolling on some bigger things.

Enlist Help

May 2019 Goals (1).jpg

I can say that I had been silent in my Health group for the month of April and May. I pretty much see motivation everyday for my finance goal and hence I was able to surpass it. It is so important to have accountability measures in place.

By His Saving Grace,


P.S. Don’t forget to let me know how you are doing with your goals.

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