So, my goals and the month of March didn’t exactly see eye to eye.

So, I expected to have a few off days in March, because it is my birthday month. However, I didn’t anticipate totally missing the mark on all of my goals.  

It was not a MAJOR, MAJOR Fail. I made some progress in most cases. I didn’t go backwards except for one area (water consumption).

But, my overall goal was to catch up on some things. While I certainly moved forward in many areas, I didn’t catch up as I had hoped.


Bible in a Year: Catch-up

I am still about 10-12 lessons behind in my Bible reading. This equates to about a week and a half behind schedule.

Last month, my issue was that I stayed too long on a chapter. So, I tried to remedy some of this by just doing scripture writing. Scripture writing can be as minimal or detailed as you want it to be. The main goal is to pinpoint a scripture during your reading that really speaks to you. Then, you can write that scripture out.

Excited about completing 3 additional books in the Bible. They say progress over perfection. I use my Bible reading tracker to see my progress.

Excited about completing 3 additional books in the Bible. They say progress over perfection. I use my Bible reading tracker to see my progress.

 I also did a combination of audio bible and reading for my Old Testament chapters. I tend to read at night, because that is when the little one gives me a break. But, I must admit that I didn’t prioritize my nights very well last month. I guess I may have gotten carried away with other projects as well.

I let my birthday celebration and a short trip stop my reading too. I typically read New Testament books with my physical Bible, but I don’t like to take it out of the house. It’s in my house with all of my Bible supplies. I try to keep it all in one area because I tend to lose things.

Can I also attribute the time change as an additional reason for not meeting my catch-up goal? I lost an hour of free time as baby girl tried to get adjusted with her first encounter with Daylight Savings.

And, despite all of my excuses and circumstances, I got through Leviticus, Numbers and Hebrews!!! I always complete a few Psalms, but it is ongoing because of the way my reading plan is set-up.

It is still nice to see the number of books that I am completing in the Bible adding up! As, I finish this post I have completed 10 books! Woo-hoo. This is truly the furthest I have ever gone in my Bible reading. If you need help with your Bible reading, you may want to try my Bible Reading tracker to help you track your progress.

 This month, I am going to try to incorporate more reading into my day. I just don’t want to get too far behind as I try to complete the Bible in a year.

Water Drinking


The good news is that I drank water every day. The bad news was that I had only 3 days of a gallon of water. This is the one monthly goal that I felt like I really backtracked on. Of course, I did turn up on Coke for a couple of days on my birthday. But, I ended up with six days of soda. And, this is okay with me. I planned that I would probably enjoy a little more carbonation in March.

There were a few days, where I didn’t track my water effectively. Check out my water tracker in my bullet journal. And, then I figured out that there was one particular brand of water, that just wasn’t my forte. This water was also in 20 ounce bottles. So, I guess I psyched myself out.

I tried to incorporate my fancy water canteen towards the latter half of the month. But, I guess it was too late for me. But, I’m not giving up on water just yet.

Sugar and Money: Catch-Up



I really just didn’t make this goal due to a lack of focus. Please check out February’s update as I discussed for details on the Sugar and Money Challenge.

I actually started this savings and debt payoff challenge late. So, I was trying to catch up.

I was behind by 5 circles (transactions towards savings or debt). I needed a total of 13 completed circles by the month’s end to cover the 13 full weeks of 2019. Unfortunately, I only had nine by March 31.

By March 26, I knew I wasn’t going to achieve this goal. I didn’t budget for extra savings or debt payments. So, I had to come to terms that it would not be met for the month of March.


So, I began to start writing pieces of book in February. The book is going to detail our pregnancy journey and road to Gracyn. But, I have ultimately decided to put this on hold. I want to simplify things in my life, and I didn’t want to put more pressure on myself. When I have free time, I want to focus on the blog and put more posts up.  And, I am trying to devote more time to my family and home. I’m not saying never to a book about my pregnancy journey. I’m just saying not now. I am going to work on typing my outline this month. Like I mentioned before, I don’t have the best track record of remembering where I place my stuff.


Goals April 2019.jpg

Oh April, Treat me kindly. Although this was probably the least amount of progress I have made on my goals, I am not giving up.

I hope this encourages you to not give up either. Because we are going to all have a few off days or maybe even weeks. Yet, I can say that I still made it one step closer to most of my goals. I have a new mindset this year, and I attribute a lot of that to writing things down. Be sure you download my free Let’s Goal Worksheet to help you continue to move forward. I am praying for your success!

God, Goals & Grind,


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