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Being Rooted: 3 Scriptures to Remember

The Scriptures tells us that we only need the size of a mustard seed (Matthew 17:20), but it seems that the mustard seed can be so easy to lose these days. But, we have to remember, that faith is more than a feeling. When we want to give up on our faith, that is actually when we must decide to dig in our heels. We must choose to be rooted.


How Deep and Wide is God’s Love

I cannot tell you how many Bible verses that I highlighted in my journey to read the Bible in a year. I never officially told my blog friends that I completed my goal. So, I wanted to let you know that I completed reading the entire Bible in March of this year!

But there was absolutely one verse that I adored and has claimed the title of my favorite Bible verse.


30 Days of Thanks: Four Ways to Jumpstart

When the leaves begin to fall or change to warmer colors, we begin to think about Thanksgiving and reasons to be thankful. But, thankfulness can truly go beyond one Thursday in the year.  I challenged myself to do 30 days of thanks last year, and it truly helped the day to be more than just about a hectic day of meal prep and running around.