Wow, it has been an entire month since I last wrote on the blog. I can’t believe it. I am working on a couple of posts, so please stay tuned. However, I do hope you caught my G.O.A.L. post. It is what in part keeps me inspired to go forward with my goals. Here’s a reminder of what I was up to last month. 


Bible In A Year


I am still continuing on with reading all 66 books in the year. And, I am still enjoying the journey. I would love to journal and even do more of some art journaling. However, there is much ground to cover. In February, I finished Exodus, Ephesians and Philippians.

I can tell you there is some beautiful stuff in Ephesians. I would have to say I am loving Ephesians 3:18


My ongoing desire is for my faith to increase and doubt God less. I must admit, I love to see results or growth just like anyone else. Yet, there are some days that I feel stagnant. On our days of frustration, it is so easy to forget our worth to Christ . This verse in Ephesians reminds me of God’s love and how great it is. Ephesians 1:18 and 2:10 were also some winners in my book too.

I did begin Leviticus and Hebrews, but the way my life is set up lol….I digress.  In March, I plan to catch up a little more with my reading plan. I am not too far off, but I noticed that I am even more motivated if I can finish an entire book within a certain time frame. So, I am tweaking my reading plan slightly.


Bible Tabs

Did you see my IG post of my Bible tabs? I absolutely love them. This is my first time ever utilizing bible tabs. One of my best friends laughed at me, because she couldn’t believe that I had not tried them sooner. So, I went with tabs from Bibles and Coffee. I thought they were cute, fashionable, and matched my Bible (very important, lol). I am incorporating other ideas to help me with bible reading as well. Most of my ideas come from my Pinterest board.

No Soda

I did it!!!!! I cannot believe it. Now, I decided to only forego soda at this point. I allowed myself tea and coffee. But, if you knew how much I loved a good ice-cold Coke, you know that this is major. March is probably going to look at little different because it is my birthday month. So, you will probably not see this as a goal in March. There was only one day that I can say I was trembling for a coke, and that was my Grandmother’s birthday dinner. I mean there were carbonated drinks everywhere. Yet, I held on.

64 Ounces of Water Daily


I made it 11 days. This is actually good for me. As, I normally only intake one bottle water a day And, that may be a generous estimate. I just have never been a huge water drinker. 

Now, I threw some Crystal Light in my water from time to time. I also tried apple cider vinegar, lemon and even blueberries. However, I couldn’t make it even halfway through February. If you check out my water tracker though, there were plenty of days, where I was super close to hitting 64 ounces. So, I am going to revisit this goal again.

Sugar and Money Challenge


I found the Sugar and Money Challenge on Instagram. The challenge involves saving a specific amount every week. I am actually trying to use it towards debt payoff. So, I did get started. Yay! And, I am completing the circles. Because her challenge actually started in January, this will be another catch-up goal in March.

Update Budget

I don’t want to say that I conquered this goal quite yet. Did I look at it? Yes. And, I somewhat readjusted numbers. However, I know that there needs to be another day, where I seriously take a look at this in order to see where I can cut more expenses.  If you are the budgeter in your household, you know that it is not always fun. However, I am really focused on becoming debt-free and I know that this will only help me. A plus to the month though is that I paid off one bill. I guess my struggle is sticking with the budget at times and food purchases.


I may have mentioned that I want to write about my motherhood journey. Originally, I thought 2019 would be the year that I would complete this. However, I am not sure it will be now. It has been on my goal list for two months now. I have started writing, but I have not finished chapter one.  I don’t want to rush it. And, I really want to make sure that this is something that God wants me to do at this time. So, I am going to continue to write little by little and see how it goes. I will tell you that it is not top priority for me right now. I feel there are some other items that I need to work on.


So, that is it.  We are heading into March looking like this.

Be sure to catch me on IG or Facebook for real-time updates on my goals. I am not perfect, but I am always striving to be a goal crusher.

If you need some motivation for your goals, I want you to look over my four tips for goalsetting. I think you will find it helpful.  I am currently waiting on my Goals t-shirt to come in and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Let me know how you did in February or if you have any tips for slaying your budget?

Through His Saving Grace,


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  1. Progress is progress. I love that you are documenting along the way. This truly helps us see both how far we have come, and where we plan to go.

    1. Thanks, I am trying to get better at documenting and looking at my progress. It is great to look back at on the days where I am not feeling motivated.

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